Magnetometer Config Question

Hi all,

New to this but need help to get my head around something:

Hardware A:
Say i was to use the APM 1 (or APM2) with a Magnetometer. It would be used to control an aerial platform (plane, quad, heli) it doesnt really matter. Lets call this Hardware A.

Hardware B:
What matters is that I have another piece of hardware attahed to the platform (lets say a camera for argument sake) and I need that hardware to always point North (either True N or Magnetic N). Lets call this hardware B.

Q1: Can I output from the magnetometer directly to a 360degree servo to control Hardware B so that it always points North?

Q2: If so can I use the magenometer from Hardware A (Assuming the it is not being used) or would I need a dedicated magnetometer for Hardware B. If this is the case then it would need its own APM as well right?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Developer

    You wouldn't need a dedicated mag.  It would be much easier (in a way) to take the heading information from the APM on hardware A (the plane) and use it to control the servos controlling hardware B (the camera).

    You know in arducopter we already have a camera.pde which stabilise the roll and pitch so that as you move around, the camera basically points at the same target.  It doesn't control yaw however because quads can fly in any direction pretty easily so the pilot would normally control the direction of the camera by modfying the direction of the quad.  It doesn't need to be this way though...if I were trying to do what you're doing, I would modify that camera.pde to incorporate a yaw control as well. 

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