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Mechanical Engineer and Commercial Helicopter Pilot.

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Interested in Heli UAV.

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Vincent Hoog replied to Rodrigo Rodrigues's discussion Conventional Aircraft with Mission Planner on Board?
Rodrigo - how did this work out for you?
I need to do the exact same thing. Cant use a drone for a corridor that client needs mapped, so want to use a manned helicopter.
And, if you were successful, did the Canon 7D work Ok for you?"
Mar 18, 2017
Vincent Hoog replied to Rob_Lefebvre's discussion Tandem Heli
"Hello Rob,
I am very_interested in this tandem config heli. For all the reasons you mentioned in your first post. 
How far did you get?"
Mar 28, 2016
Vincent Hoog replied to Euan Ramsay's discussion Particle electron instead of telemetry radio in Telemetry over cellular IP
"I just got a Particle Photon to experiment on. Once It is all figured out I will switch to the Electron.
My objective is to learn about "One to Many" telemetry (one based station to many rovers)"
Feb 16, 2016
Vincent Hoog replied to Seppo's discussion RFD900, RFD900+ - New long range radio modem
"I am interested in a one-to-many application. (one ground control, many rovers)
Does this modem support one-to-many application?
Jan 5, 2016
Vincent Hoog replied to Vincent Hoog's discussion Photogrammetry: Strange Question
"Thanks for your reply.
- How did it work out for you? Get the results you wanted?
- By using the Mission Planner helps with getting the desired resolution by defining the altitude and help define image overlap, no? Or how did you manage these…"
Jan 8, 2015
Vincent Hoog posted a discussion
This is kind of a strange question for this group, but here goes.I want to use an old ArduPilot Mega 2.0 I had never used and I want to use it to capture images for photogrammetry from a manned aircraft.So I would like to use the Mission Planner and…
Jan 7, 2015
Vincent Hoog replied to Cre8it's discussion HALO Helicopter RED Camera Hauler Gimbal Very Rare!! Very big Heli
"Hi there,
Is this ship still for sale? Let me know either way please."
Apr 16, 2014
Vincent Hoog replied to Vincent Hoog's discussion APM Plane Camera
"Sorry for the confusion. This is just the RTF plane offered at 3D Robotics. I guess they changed the name ..
See link below:
Oct 9, 2013
Vincent Hoog posted a discussion
Can the current offering of the APM: Plane accommodate a modification to use a camera (such as a Canon PowerShot) as a payload shooting straight down? The pictures for this product appear to only show a forward looking camera, more suitable to…
Oct 9, 2013
Vincent Hoog commented on Joshua Ott's blog post 3D Robotics introduces Iris, a totally ready-to-fly quadcopter UAV with next-gen autopilot
Where can I get the overall dimension and weight of the IRIS?"
Aug 23, 2013
Vincent Hoog posted a discussion
Q1a:What is the required initial state of the IMU chip on start?Q1b:Does it need to be static (not moving) or can it be booted up while in motion? Q2: how many Gs can t he IMU take before failure? ThanksV 
Feb 1, 2012
Vincent Hoog posted a discussion
Hi all,New to this but need help to get my head around something:Hardware A:Say i was to use the APM 1 (or APM2) with a Magnetometer. It would be used to control an aerial platform (plane, quad, heli) it doesnt really matter. Lets call this Hardware…
Jan 26, 2012