• Hi,

    Rodrigo - how did this work out for you?

    I need to do the exact same thing. Cant use a drone for a corridor that client needs mapped, so want to use a manned helicopter.

    And, if you were successful, did the Canon 7D work Ok for you?

  • To do what?

    • Hi!  to do photogrametry photos... 

      I wanted the software to trigger my Cannon 7D etc..but I'll be running the Mission Planner inside plane.

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        Again, why?
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          APM is communicating with MissionPlanner via your telemetry radio.
          • But I'll really need the radio?

            Isn't just a way to connect a GPS directly to the Mission Planner?

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              ...and Mission Planner (and the APM/Pixhawk) is used for what?  Logging?


              • I think what Rodrigo wants is planning a mission through mission planner but flying the mission using manned aircraft, then the camera autocatically triggered and logged by an apm or pixhawk.

                My opinion; it will be totally possible, connect apm+gps+camera+power module etc, set your camera trigger distance is simulated on mission planner. You don't need telemetry at all. I have try this a months ago when bulding my quad to test the camera trigger working.

        • because here there we are going to do the job the UAV flights are prohibited. So It need to be using Conventional Aircraft.

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            Conventional as in Full-sized/manned aircraft?
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