Magnetometer does not hold true ...

One more question.. I noticed when I put the entire setup outside and did a remote XBee test, that the magentometer was showing compass directions chaging 180 degrees and 50 or so degrees ... sometimes it would flip flop like this randomly sometimes it would not even seem to work...


Is there a known issue with the magnetometer I should know about? Or is this just due to ground clutter near my test site here which is a residential home possibly?


Thanks for any insight...


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         That's pretty unusual behaviour.  Normally the mag works or it doesn't work.


         Things to check:

               - make sure you have the orientation set correctly in the APM_Config.h as described no the wiki.

               - how closely have you mounted it to other electronics?  a metal screw within a cm can cause problems.  Mounting it on top of the APM is fine but what else is around there?


         Some other questions - does it act badly in doors as well?  Does it only flip flop when you tilt it?


         The offsets for the mag are calculated automatically during your first flight so performance might not be perfect on your first flight...but even with bad offsets I've never seen it act like you're seeing.

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