Magnetometer Eagle Files, schematic?

After a recent crash, the capacitor at the back of my magnetometer (v 1.2) sheared off.

Instead of ponying up for a new sensor, I wanted to see if I could salvage the existing one.

Can someone give me pointers to the eagle files for the diydrones breakout board? In particular I am looking for the specs for the capacitor in the back (yellowish component). Is it 33microF tantalum surface mount? Where could I get that part? It seems like I should be able to solder a replacement back on. Once I have the right part, I just need to be careful about +/- correct?


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    I have noticed that for the newer HMC5883L magnetometer, that the brd and schematic files are released in PDF form.  Do you know where I can find the eagle files or equivalent?

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    Those should have been posted in the product listing. I've asked the store manager to add them.
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