Maiden Flight

Sat 16th the day of truth had come. I made my maidenflight with Easystar. Throttle manual. The Ap would have worked well if my waypoints would have had the expected altitude. Because I was not understanding the rules of "over terrain" my waypoints had a Delta altitude of some 400m and after 2 Minutes I could almost not see the plane anymore.The thing with the wrong altitude was resolved over the weekend and today my first full AP flight with 30m over ground and AP throttle was very successful.I observed two strange things:1. when I engaged the AP heading away from WP1, the plane could not find WP1 within a reasonable time (I returned to launch manually shortly before the plane vanished)when heading toward WP1, perfect.2. My waypoints discribe a couterclock wise sqare. With sidewind between WP1 and the next corner (WP2), the plane passes on the inner side of the corner (WP2) and flies an extra turn CLOCKwise around WP2 before continuing to WP3. Otherwise perfect.Gratulations and thanks to all the smart people developing the ArduPilot.Reagards from SwitzerlandChristof

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