Making a flight route with manual flying and then having re-fly that route in auto mode

I am working on a project for surveying oyster beds for a local oyster company. I need to be able to have a flight plan using GPS to fly over the beds and take pictures. However, google maps GPS data doesn't match up perfectly with the actual location off the oyster beds. 

So my question is, is there a feature for arducopter that would allow me to fly a path in manual mode and have it be recorded using the live GPS data coming from the arducopter and then be able to save that mission plan and have it executed in auto mode?

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It's a standard CH7 feature and is actually the default function from memory.

Check mission planner in the Configuration tab 

Found it thank you.

To be able to save the current position as a waypoint, yes.

What I'd love to see is a full record+playback mode, so I can do certain aerial photography missions with one operator instead of two: fly once at the pilot, then fly again in playback mode operating the gimbal. 

What you are seeking is already there, you just trip CH7 at each waypoint you want recorded.

The missions can only be set by vector points ie: waypoints, and the APM tracks between them, with or without additional commands for other functions.

If I understand you correctly you are after a linear playback, which is way beyond the memory capabilities of the APM board. 

I wouldn't necessarily need the exact flight path to be recorded with GPS coordinates at every point of the flight path. Basically I just need to have it fly in the lawnmower pattern over the 20 acres and then have it be able to repeat that flight.

If you explore the mission planner section there are a number of automated flight path routines, one of which is a phot0 grid. Define the area, it asks for some parameters and automatically creates a grid of waypoints to cover the area.

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