making my own autopilot?

HiI had a general knowledge question for the forum.If I wanted to make a autopilot system of my own like ardupilot. How would I go about doing this? Im interested in the hardware side. Like how or where to select a curcuit board, sensors etc.

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  • Hey Guy well for knowing about how to make auto poilot must visit that url:

  • Troll? Buy any arduino board and a couple of servos. Blink some LEDs. Buy a RTF plane. After mastering both individually, you will have a better idea of where to move forward.
  • First u need to understand the basic and general working of autopilot system. Then u need to go into depth about the autopilot systems. Anyway, autopilot system requires GPS to map it's position and IMU to detect its orientation. In addition u may use other sensors like altimeter, temperature sensors etc. off course u need a micro controller or microprocessor to take inputs from GPS and IMU and output a control signal for control surfaces (ailerons, rudders etc). U need analog to digital converters, transceivers etc

    Zeeshan haider
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