Manual camera trigger option using radio


I configured the camera trigger on CH6. I can get this to work using the "Trigger Camera NOW" on the MIssion Planner. I am sure it would work with the Camera distance trigger. 

But what if I wanted to manually trigger a picture using my RC ? I do have a switch assigned to CH6 but it nothing seems to happen when i use it..

Thanks in advance for help .

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  • You can't do both, at least I haven't found a way. You either let the APM/Mission Planner control the shutter, or you control it through RC.
    If someone knows a work around please post.
    • OK, thats what i thought too. Would have been great if they made the triger such that it worked on Auto when the PWM was less than 1400. And worked on manual when more than that. Then we would have been able to use a switch to trigger the camera manually as well as do it automatically..

      BTW, I do owe you to send the pics of my setup. Finally got it all set with Nex-7 and all.. Looking pretty neat, but is sure is heavy and expensive ! 

      • Well there is a way, but its not very elegant.

        Use this wireless buddybox and connect one side to the apm's output and the other directly to the Rx. Flip a switch on your radio, and this box will listen to you Rx rather than the APM.

        • Smart ! :)  But wish they could give the ability to use the channel input otherwise lying waste to manually trigger the cam .. I think will need only a couple of lines of code to do this

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