Manually set ESC end points

I'm having trouble programming an ESC via the automatic stick up/down, etc method. 

I found I could manually set the end points in the blheli suite.  My values worked great for being connected directly to the receiver.  But, they're not quite right when going through the flight controller. 

I'm wondering if there is a standard.. If my radio calibrates between 1000-2000, do I set those as my end points?  I did, and I got the full range of spinning when connected via PWM, but going through the flight controller, the motors spin too much at low throttle. (thr_min is set to 0)  I can figure it out by trial and error.. 
but, if there's a standard number that should work, please let me know.


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  • Well for DJI they come factor set at 1000-2000 and you need to adjust the controller to match that.  For others the Throttle in is just copied to the RCOUT for each motor.

    So if you calibrated your radio you just need to copy the RC3_MIN and RC3_MAX to each of the ESC's provided you are not using RCMAP.

    • That's how I have it. 
      For some reason in stabilize, the motors come on very strong at min throttle.  (It's not thr_min, I've tried that all the way down to 0)
      But in alt_hold, and stab, they start off slowly as I'd expect. 

      Maybe it's fine.  It fly's great.

      Thanks for your help.

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