I've been working on our new Iris+ that will be used with a Canon S110 to run mapping missions for us. I have purchased a USB trigger cable and a UBEC based on the recommendations here. I've got everything up and running so far, with one small issue - the camera does not trigger when the command is sent. I read that I need to have 5 volts coming off the rail in the Pixhawk in order to trigger the shutter, but what I am unsure of is how to install the UBEC so that there is enough voltage coming to the Pixhawk to make it work. I've been searching the forums off and on for the past couple of days, and I'm having difficulty finding answers to this specific question. Any insight or advice would be excellent!

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Just documenting my journey here in case someone else is looking for it.

I'm following the tutorial on the APM Mission Planner website, which I think will be a better way to go. I'll upload some pictures if I ever get it figured out!

OK - after a day of struggling with this, here's where I'm at now...

Based on what the APM site said, I ordered the recommended part from Sparkfun and soldered it to my cable. No dice. Found this forum post and now I'm not sure I did the right thing. Digging around on the forums a little more and doing various tweaks with APM (like this one), eventually came across Event 38 and this cable. I'd really like to make what I have work, so it's going to take a little more digging, I guess. That's all I can do for today, though.

I got this cable:  http://www.tuffwing.com/support/pixhawk_camera_trigger_cable.html  and put on Aux3 (relay pin 52)

Make sure you have the CHDK working correctly (not easy):   Setting up card (Method 2):  http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/Prepare_your_SD_card  There is also some info in the first link on modifying the lua script.  So on the s110, format card using canon tools menu for low level formatting (fat32) at 8 GB.

I used the parameters settings on the Pixhawk:

Relay_pin                           52 (Aux3)

Camera_trigger_type         1 (relay)

Ch_7_opt                           9 (camera trigger)

Rc7_function                     10 (camera trigger)

Make sure to do the shooting test; In the Flight tab (where you see the artificial horizon) right click in the map area and choose trigger camera now (or something close to this).  It should fire.

Also, if I go into the Configuration tab and then to camera gimbal it will change the settings above.  

Triggering the s110 and cameras in general is the weak link for our group.  

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