First off! Long time lurker. Second, this is for work. It is kinda what I do. So you will be helping me solve my problem and for that I thank you in advance.

So a simple solution off that bat for me is the DJI inspire 2. It has all the goodies I need.


1) firmware that prevents flying in certain areas.


1) Not upgrade the hardware or will it come pre-installed with this hardware update?

2) Custom build one from scratch!?

I use pixhawks regularly and am quite familiar with them and all the goodies that they present.

Custom build Limitations:

1) Good camera gimbals are hard to come by. Or at least user friendly.

2) Finding frames big enough to support at least a 20mp camera.

3) Probably the biggest. needs to be USA supplier. Sorry, I love my country.

**Any recommendations or links to good websites would be super awesome!

Glad to be a part of such a good progressive community.


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A 550 or larger hex frame build should be large enough for whatever size camera you choose, have you considered that?


We make a variety of ready to fly UAVs and frame kits that might be suitable for your needs. I have attached a picture of two of our frames with a 3DR IRIS for scale. The large frame supports 30" props, while the smaller frame supports 18" props. Both frames are extremely stiff and lightweight, and are sealed from the elements.




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