Ok, so I love Mission Planner. Also love the voice announcements and want to keep them...BUT.....when the mavlink first connects, it gives an announcement that is a series of numbers - "zero zero three to three zero zero three million three hundred...."  you get the idea - and takes about 3 and a half days to announce ha ha ha.

I know you can turn some announcements on and off in the config, but, is there anyway to turn that particular announcement off, or change what she says at that particular point?

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It's reading the "serial #" that is burned into the OTP and whilst annoying I can't find any way to turn that off.

Good suggestion. Please file a feature request here

Leave it alone it sounds impressive

I too would definitely like to be able to turn this off!

Issue here: https://github.com/ArduPilot/MissionPlanner/issues/1236

Edit: this has been added to the latest beta

How do you turn it on first place? thanks

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