Mavlink CONDITION_YAW executes once and stops


I am trying to pull of some heavy image processing on board quadrotor in order to enable the quadrotor to navigate autonomously. 

I am sending commands to the quadrotor through droneapi by generating a mavlink message using the message factory. While testing the quadrotor for a full 360 turn, i am sending mavlink packets where I am asking the quadrotor to move 10 degrees per message at 4 degree per second. After each mavlink message sent, I am "sleep"ing the loop for 3 seconds for it to execute the command. I am writing the same message continuously while planning to make it turn 360 degrees.  

Problem arises when i start sending the mavlink messages. The quadrotor executes the first packet where it yaw's a little. But after that the quadrotor doesnt seem to respond to the rest of the mavlink packets at all.   I can confirm that the messages are being transmitted as I can see through mavproxy the return value of the messages are Mission_ACK with type:0 

Does anyone have a clue about what I might be doing wrong here. I know that I can ask the quad to rotate 360 in a single command, but in order to have precise control of the quad, I would prefer if I can write multiple yaw commands.  

PS: i am running Arducotper 3.2.rc3

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  • Same problem if your commands are a part of a mission ?
    If so it would be easier to verify, and search for a problem.
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