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I have found that using HK GCS lite the mavlink serial data seems consistent over reasonable range with no errors using Xbees on 2.4GHz and 57600 link.When I use the Planner under the same conditions I can see in the background window various messages that seem to indicate problems.What does a message such asHUD 1523 loss 40 left 28This is usually once every block of messages headed HUD 10HZ(that may not be exactly right as I can't see how to stop the continual passage of the messages).Periodically I getMAV_DATA_STREAM_EXTENDED_STAUS at 1Hz currently 3.123456Hz messagefollowed byMAV_DATA_STREAM_POSITION at 3hz: currently 0CRC errors seem to increase as soon as I move the 'copter away from the laptop and the 'loss' errors increase in frequency (whereas with the HK GCS link stays solid).Can anyone enlighten me as to what the data in this window means and whether I have a problem when using Planner?Peter

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    no problem with the planner. the planner is just showing that there is packet loss. in reality there is always dataloss, its just the planner shows you it.
    as for the MAV_DATA_STREAM_EXTENDED_STAUS at 1Hz currently 3.123456Hz message
    this is because acm does not implement a 1hz datastream loop, and the

    MAV_DATA_STREAM_POSITION at 3hz: currently 0

    this stream isnt sent by ac2, but is apm. you dont need to worry about it.


    the screen you are looking at is more of a diagnotics screen, and usualy hidden from users. you must have enabled it at some point.


    the HUD 10hz, is just how often the HUD image is updated. in your case at 10 times per second, which is what it should be.


    this is the typical output

    bps 1941 loss 13 left 68
    HUD e 43.0025 63
    remote lost 0


    where bps = bytes per second
    loss is the number of time syncronisation has been lost
    left it the amount of data in the receive buffer at that point in time.

    HUD e (no1) (no2) 

    no1 is the time it took to draw the hud ie 43 ms and the no2 is the current millisecond time


    i will be removeing the HUD section soon anyway it was just there while testing saving to AVI, to check lag's



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