Any ideas on how to use MAVLINK to send data out to MATLAB? or is there is a plugin in development?

I'd like to grab telemetry data from the APM and/or X-Plane to MATLAB.

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Any luck on this? I am about to try and do the same thing.

Any progress? I am about to do the same thing, but with no idea.

We did this last year (well to Simulink, but MATLAB would work too), but development has stalled. We're currently reworking everything to work with MAVLink v1 and support multiple instances.

What exactly is it you're trying to do, I'm sure I can help!

Fantastic works! I'll try your interface, you did a meaningful work for many researchers including me! Thx~


I need a live stream of data to matlab or simulink so that we can process the data real time, and then send a command back to the quadrotor.  We are using APM 2.0 on our aircraft.  We have multiple vehicles, and will need to stream all the data to one ground station.

Can you help?


Hi Mike,

I am currently rewriting all of our code for this as it very much evolved beyond its initial design to the point where there were more bugs than code! I'm hoping to have something decent up and working before the end of the year which will of course be available to all :-)

On a side note, what are you using to stream multiple vehicles data back with? We are moving to wireless networks over XBee (or other serial) links due to the massively increased data rate and ease of multiple vehicle addressing (albeit with the slight complexity of interfacing with APM).

Sorry not to be much help at present!


Xbee's are used to stream the data to the ground station.  Not sure of the bandwidth requirements for Arducopter data yet, working on that.  Any luck with your code to interface with mavlink?



Hi Owen

Is the Simulink-Mavlink interface ready? I am quite eager to try it

We are interested in this as well! Please let me know if I can be of service in any way.



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