Although I have the maximum bank angle set to 45°, my plane would not achieve a bank angle over 30° when flying in FBWA or AUTOTUNE modes.  In the air, it really appeared to be even less and the plane could not achieve a complete turn without switching back to manual mode.  However, the log does indicate a maximum bank of 30° in either of these modes.  I checked this on the ground and, while holding full left or right aileron, APM does begin to compensate for the bank as soon as I tilt the plane close to 30°.  By increasing the max bank angle to 60° I can appear to achieve 45° in practice.  I have not yet tried this in flight, though.

Prior to flight I had calibrated all sensors and the transmitter, and readouts on in Mission Planner appear to be correct in terms of actual bank and pitch angles.

Is there a parameter setting that would have an impact on this behavior?  In truth, I have not flown for over a year and changes to firmware and MP in the meantime might be causing me to miss something.  My review of the parameter list did not turn up anything obvious.  In my flights of last year this was not an issue.

Any help and/or suggestions will be appreciated.  My log files are attached.

Thank you,

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Hi Paul

I've seen this happening in pitch, not bank. I eventually just used a higher angle setting to achieve my maximum.

I hope someone can shed light on this.

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