Maxbotic Sonar XL-EZ0 MB1200


Recently i've brought myself a maxbotic sonar XL-EZ0 MB1200 and i am wondering how can i test whether or not it works? By just enabling the sonar in Missionplanner, I am not sure whether or not it works. Any Ideas? And, If i want to implement another Sonar on my board( total 2 sonars), is it possible? I realised that there is only one input labeling "sonar". I've also learnt that you can just use any unused inputs, just that we have to edit the Arducopter 2.7.3 code so that it'll be able to use. Anyone have any ideas on how can we edit the code? 

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  • How do i know what if i am testing correctly? Like what are the values that will show up ?

  • That's a good question about using 2 sonar on the copter.

    I have considered this as there has been so many issues with sonar and Alt hold.

    The Sonar can be chained onto one input, although I have not tried this yet, but have a couple extra on the way.

    To initially check the Sonar use the terminal tab, click tests, and type in sonar.

    It will give you a continuous output from the sonar, so then just point the copter at different surfaces and see the change.

    But you really need to test fly it and then look at the logs to see what the Sonar_Alt looks like, as it could be working but induced noise could be trashing the results.

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