MHQ2 Build Components

Hello Everyone,

I'm looking to build my first drone. I want to build the MHQ2, designed by Hovership. Hovership has a build component list, but it is not totally specific. I have a list of the exact products I want to buy, but want to make sure all the components are compatible, and if I will need anything else. Could you all let me know if I need to change something, or need something else? Thanks.


3D Printed Frame + Hardware Kit

H2204X 2300KV Brushless Motor (4)

H-12A Electronic Speed Controller (4)

Power Distribution Board and Battery Lead

Set of Propellors

1500mAh 3S 35C battery

Low Battery Alarm


Naze32 Flight Controller

8ch Transmitter and Receiver Combo


Here's the link to the build components list recommended by Hovership:

Again, I just want to make sure that everything is set before I buy. I would like to keep the price around the same as what it is now. Thanks!

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