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Anton Ludwig posted a discussion
Hello, I recently built a 250 class quad that is ideal for FPV flying, and after flying it around for a little while line of sight I'd like to get into flying FPV. I'm looking at buying the Quanum DIY v2 Pro goggles, since they are cheap and…
Jan 1, 2017
Anton Ludwig posted a discussion
Hello everyone, I'm a complete newbie to building drones, and I'm looking at this transmitter and receiver combo for my first project. I was looking for something cheap that works. However, I'm slightly confused; after I researched how to connect…
Oct 23, 2016
Anton Ludwig replied to Anton Ludwig's discussion Naze32 Self Level Mode?
"Thanks so much! I'll take a look at the playlist. John R said:
You may want to look at documentation for CleanFlight or BetaFlight firmware which is what you will want to run on your Naze32 board.
You certainly can switch between Acro/Level mode…"
Oct 17, 2016
Anton Ludwig posted a discussion
Hello everyone,I'm looking to get the Naze32 Acro Rev6 Flight Controller for my MHQ2 that I'm going to build. I was just wondering if it's possible to switch it back and forth between self-level mode and acro mode, and if so, how.Thanks.This is the…
Oct 16, 2016
Anton Ludwig replied to George Keshushki's discussion DJI Phantom 3 or 4
"I'm pretty new to drones, but I've flown the Phantom 3 Professional and I loved it. It was really easy to fly, and the camera was amazing. "
Oct 16, 2016
Anton Ludwig posted a discussion
Hello Everyone,I'm looking to build my first drone. I want to build the MHQ2, designed by Hovership. Hovership has a build component list, but it is not totally specific. I have a list of the exact products I want to buy, but want to make sure all…
Oct 15, 2016