Transmitter and Receiver Combo?

Hello everyone, 

I'm a complete newbie to building drones, and I'm looking at this transmitter and receiver combo for my first project. I was looking for something cheap that works. However, I'm slightly confused; after I researched how to connect the receiver to the flight controller (I'm going to be using a Naze32), I couldn't figure out if the receiver that comes with the combo I'm getting will work. I keep hearing of "PPM" connectors, which sounds super simple, but I'm not sure if the receiver in the combo has that. If it doesn't, how do you connect it to the Naze32?


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  • Hi, you might consider FRSKY great radio ppm and sbus no problem. you can connect your rec to the naze hookup info in the manual, also painless 360 is excellent source, just google naze32

  • Receivers work by getting a signal through the air from the transmitter. There are different types of receiver signals: PPM (Pulse Position Modulation), PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), Satellite, and a few others. Most, if not all, FCs use PPM to communicate. The particular receiver you're looking at speaks PWM. Therefore, you'll need a PPM encoder that'll translate the PPM to PWM for the flight controller. However, if you got a more conventional PWM receiver which uses one cable for each channel, you wouldn't need an encoder and could connect the receiver smack dab onto your FC. If you felt like saving even more weight and have a pretty good hand at soldering, get an unsoldered Naze and omit the pins and servos and solder the receiver right onto it too.

    I don't use the Naze32 board, but a good-looking one on amazon seems to have everything you'll need for PWM. For PPM, I'd recommend getting the Naze32, receiver/transmitter combo, and a PPM encoder.

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