• As soon as the multi took off , smoke came from an esc or motor or something else.

    Also the craft began to yaw. Suspect early equipment failure, but the pilot still punched it !

  • T3
    I wonder if he had a GPS failure? A lot of pilots like to fly in loiter mode and with all those building would really mess up your GPS signal. Remember stabilize mode is your friend. Learn to fly in stabilize is so important.
  • Ouch - that's expensive.  Looks like it was carrying an HD video camera.

    I don't think it was a bug in the MikroCopter - it was a bug in the pilot.  He didn't even seem to care about the carnage - just got on his cell phone to call the boss.

    Reminds me of a time when I watched a pilot get his multi certificate - he was in the pilots lounge getting the examiner's signature on the temporary certificate.  Five minutes later, I doubt the examiner was even out of the lounge when the new multi-engine pilot raised the gear lever on the takeoff roll before the Baron was even off the ground.  You know what happened next. But the attitude of the pilot was - on his cellphone to call the airplane's owner with "Hi Bob, (chuckle) I crashed your airplane". 

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