Min / Max travel collective cyclic servos

Hello, a friend of mine strated to understand a try to use ARDUCOPTER for traditional Helicopter.

He explain that it isn't possible to change the MAX value for servo TRAVEL for Collective and Cyclic.

I attach the pictures

first : the start value for MAX are 2000

second : MAX is 1850

Then I disconnect the reconnect through APM (i.e. close and the reopen the connevtion via USB)  the the third picture shows that the values come back to 2000 :(

Please could explain this behaviour ?

Something missed ? Like a parameters saving ?






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  • This is actually a slightly complicated thing that I don't full understand, but the simple answer is that those numbers cannot be saved. They are re-initialized on every reboot.  So you're not doing anything wrong.

    The proper way to limit servo travel is with H_Col_Max, H_Col_Min, H_Roll_Max and H_Pitch_Max.

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