MiniAPM v3.1


I noticed a reference to this in a blog post:

It looks too-good-to-be-true to me.

I was wondering if anyone had already purchaed one of these, and if so - are they any good?


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  • Helyo Sergio de Faria Pereira - The XSR has a CPPM output, see the instruction manual (which comes with the product and is available on the FrSky website) for more info on that. The APM 3.1 has a CPPM input, see Andrew Gill’s comment above for a diagram.

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  • Could someone help me connect the FrSky XSR receiver to the Mini APM 3.1?

  • I've connected mine OK. All I had to do was adjust the cals to get the readings accurate. Can you measure the voltage and current signals on the back of the APM pm connector?
  • Has anybody had problems getting the voltage/current monitor to work on the APM Mini 3.1? I have everything connected properly but both MP and OSD register 0 for voltage and current. No changes to any settings seem to work. I thought I had read on another forum that this is a problem with the 3.1 but that people have gotten it to work. Can anyone confirm this and if so what did you do to get it working. 

  • 3701999579?profile=original3701999720?profile=original

  • 3701999980?profile=originalPlus you need the link soldering in place as shown earlier

  • Hi,

    Just started experimenting on these boards... 

    Has anyone any idea as to if it's possible to connect a differential pressure sensor (aka speed sensor) on these boards?


    Also can status leds and a buzzer work with this? if so, where should i connect them?

    Ps: The internal magnetometer does seems reliable... should we bother connecting an external one?

    Thanks !!

  • Here's mine, just before I swapped out the APM for a naze32. Once arducopter has TPA code, it'll go back in.


    • nice toy Euan

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