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I've just been doing some tests with the Minim Osd and I must say it's great. One thing which is bothering me though is the positioning of the characters on the screen. I am transmitting using a fatshark 5.8 Ghz transmitter to my fat shark goggles. I am then routing from the goggles to a monitor. In both the fatshark goggles and the monitor, the bottom most characters are cut off at the bottom of the screen. At first I thought it was defaulting to NTSC so I soldered the PAL jumper on the back of the board, but there was no change. The camera is PAL and the goggles are receiving and routing out a PAL image. I know there is no configurator at the moment but perhaps there is a way to adjust the code ? Any suggestions ?



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hi, im thinking of getting 1 of these osd's, what info is it displaying on the screen?, is it easy to setup?, any programming requied to set it up?

Also experienced the same problem.

@glen: In regard to what information it displays on screen, this post MinimOSD in DIYDrones Store! gives a full list.

Setup was very easy. I use the 5v output from my transmitter to power both the camera and one stage of the OSD. The other stage is fed by the APM. There is no programming required to set it up. It is pre-flashed with the firmware.

I believe a configurator is being developed (Anyone have word on this ?)  Hopefully it will allow a lot more customising.   

Hi Eoin, i have  connected my minimosd with a video cammera , and worked perfect.

then i added a fatshark , Tx works fine, but minimosd second stage seams to be burned, i had separated the analog and digital power supplies,  you mentioned to be using the fat shark power supply  to the minimosd second stage, FS  has a +5 v, out , and minimosd says +7v to 18 volts ,

does it really works well with +5 ?




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