Hi all, I've went thru the steps of updating the firmware and charset on my minim osd. After reading and banging my head on the table I've managed to get the osd to display telemetry, just the way I've set it up too!, haha it is glitchy (in and out) I have it displaying over a 10x zoom cam. The osd is wired with my 3dr radio telemetry and in the "telem" port. The osd displays telemetry until I zoom my camera in just a little via the rudder stick. Once I begin to zoom in the osd stops displaying and when I zoom back out the osd will not regain telemetry until I power the apm2.5 down and back on. Any ideas why the osd is glitchy and why it would stop displaying telemetry once I start to zoom on my cam? The camera is from foxtechfpv and has a zoom controller separate from the apm. It is connected to the reciever. Thank you for any help and/or reading.

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I found a loose connection thru my transmitter and have fixed the glitch problem. When I zoom in and center the rudder stick the telemetry stops displaying. When I press the reset button on the minim with the camera zoomed all the way in the telemetry is displayed. When I zoom all the way out and center the rudder stick the telemetry stays displayed. The telemetry only stops when I zoom in and only when I let go the rudder stick and it centers stopping the zoom. I now have the zoom controller plugged into the apm.

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