Minimosd 19200 baud and no mavlink

I have moved to telemetry over openlrs. I have it working great to droidplanner on my phone at the groundstation. But I cannot get my previously great working minimosd to work anymore. I had to modify the apm serial baud rate to 19200 for the openlrs telemetry to work. I tried to modify my minimosd firmware to work at that baudrate with this custom firmware ( but everytime I power the osd it says "no mav" then the osd turns off until I unpower and reconnect it. I've double checked i uploaded the right firmware and everythings seems correct. Any ideas?

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  • You can check a step by step tutorial here:


    1. What do we get?
    2. OrangeRX Open LRS Transmitter 1W (JR)
    3. OrangeRX Open LRS 433 9CH Receiver
    4. What you need
    5. Turnigy 9XR mod
    6. Flashing Turnigy 9XR with OpenTX firmware
    7. OrangeRX Open LRS Transmitter Mod
    8. Flashing  TX/RX (OpenLrsng - Glitsy branche)
    9. Configuring TX/RX using Putty
    10. Connecting to Mission Planner through FTDI
    11. MinimOSD
    12. Bluetooth
    13. NFC Tags
    14. Connecting to Tower
    15. Antenna


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