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hey guys,

Well, i am working on a project using apm2.8 ardupilot, and i need to make a live transmission video using MinimOSD. I have found the code on DIYDRONES repository on github, but it seems that its not up to date with the version of Arduino IDE, so i need to know with wich version this code will compile.

I have tried version( 1.67/1.6.6/1.6.5/1.6.4/1.6.3/1.6.0/1.0.5) without any success

In my case, i need to edit the code of MinimOSD
While compiling the code in Arduino IDE, i get error.. it depends on the version of the arduino platform ..

For example, for the arduino version 1.6.7(latest version), i get an error in "FastSerial" library:
"error must include fastserial.h before the arduino serial driver is defined with minimosd"

I have tried several version of Arduino, they all had a compile error.
-The code is provided on Github:
-And the libraries are:

--> can you please let me know with wich version of Arduino this code should compile ? I am in very need for this code to compile because i need to make some modifications

Thanks :)

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  • I am using Arduino 1.0 + Visual Studio + VisualMicro plugin. I have heavily modified MinimOSD though, removed tons of stuff I don't need, added flight time estimation, added internal settings screen instead of additional panes.

    I used minimOSD-extra + librariesOK as a base.

    • thank you for your reply konstantin !

      Well you said Visual Studio + VisualMicro plugin .. can i know how ? and to modify what does the screen display, i should modify the arduino code? or the Visual Studio/VisualMicro plugin code ?

      Please explain as much as you can


      • You can look at my repo: - it contains Visual Studio solution. Basically there is both Arduino and C++ code, I just used to work with C++ that's why the code I've added is in C++ rather than Arduino stuff.

        Just install:
        * Visual Studio Community Edition (it's free for personal use)

        * Arduino 1.0

        * Visual Micro

        Very much modified MinimOSD for Copter. Contribute to kosmikkosmik/apm-osd development by creating an account on GitHub.
        • okey mate thank you for your help :)

  • Hi 

    I just compiled with 1.0.5 . Is not a problem with the version. I had some problem with the libraries

    I did my personal relase , changed  the altitude information and used to understand the mavlink messages

    I  used  AC3.2.1 so  i did chekout from the  official repository:

    "git clone -b ArduCopter-3.2.1 --single-branch ArduCopter-3.2.1"

    Open the folder with librariesOK and copy it in your Arduino program path


    In the Arduino go in preference and  write the path  (In my case i use git in windows )   


    This is the result , hope will be useful



    • Dear Domenico,

      Thank You very much for your how to file, this is actually what i want get in last one week. I want to get invole in mininosd coding so i get fully customized on this.But very hard to get starting point for me.

      Just now, i do fast read on your how to file, still didn't get 100% understanding on it, but I will read it again and again. I hope I can get future help from you to get smoothly on minimosd coding.

      Thank You again,

    • thank you for your help mate, finally it compile :D .. do you know if this code will work with ether Apm 2.8 and Pixhawk ? version wont be a problem ?

      • it works with anything that outputs Mavlink 1.0 , that's any recent ArduPilot project.

        • Btw, loading the code into OSD will be enough for its to work properly and to display data on screen right  ?

          nothing else is needed ?

        • okey mate thanks alot :)

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