MinimOSD baud rate

I have an XRF in use with our APM2 and we have been testing lowering the baud rate to 38400 to stop lost packets.

However when we did that, the MinimOSD stopped receiving data. It only seems to work when we have 57600 set.

How do we change the MinimOSD baud rate to 38400 or whatever baud rate we want? Doesn't seem to have that option in the config program. (I see someone else asked a similar question in July without a response)!

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  • Does anyone know if the arducam OSD software has been updated lately ?  This post is 6 years old and I'm having trouble finding the source code anywhere... mainly for the same reasons here.  I need to set the baud rate for the OSD to 19200, and right now it only works with 57600 :(.

  • You may have found the answer by now.  It was answered in this post:

    In the file: ArduCAM_OSD.ino :


    /* *************************************************/
    /* ***************** DEFINITIONS *******************/

    //OSD Hardware
    //#define ArduCAM328
    #define MinimOSD

    #define TELEMETRY_SPEED 57600 // How fast our MAVLink telemetry is coming to Serial port
    #define BOOTTIME 2000 // Time in milliseconds that we show boot loading bar and wait user input

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