• Just want to confirm. If i use minimosd board can i connect to it my sj400 camera video out signal and trasmit both my telemetry data and my video  through the telemetry radio to my ground station.  Does the connection is as shown in reinaldo schema below?

  • I don't think you need to power both sides when wired with jumpers soldered even for uploading firmwares/chars.

  • There you go ... This setup works well for me (for my third board). Please note that I have soldered both jumpers which ties digital and analogs lines.


    • I used a very similar setup to that, except my MinimOSD was grounded at the analog instead of the digital side. It shouldn't matter because the digital and analog grounds are tied using the solder tabs.

      However, my video gear was powered from the balance connector and the APM from the power module.

      If I powered the APM first and then the video gear, all worked.

      If I powered the video gear first and then the APM, then the Maxim chip fried.

      So that may happen to you too if you use that setup and power your gear up in the same way I did, even though it was from a single battery.

  • Yes! I second the request. This could be very useful.

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