minimOSD wiring

I want to use a camera which is 5v as my eye in the sky. This camera will be hooked up to a MINIMOSD and then the video signal will be transmitted using a 9v video transmitter.The instruction for the MINIMOSD indicated the video camera and transmitter have the same voltage and so the ground wire coming from the battery will be the same for both as well as the positive voltage in. In my case however I will be using two power sources, one of the arducopter esc for the 5v (or a 5v BEC) and a 9v battery for the transmitter. Will this setup work? Please refer to image for a visual, thanks.


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  • Why not use the ESC 5v to power the transmitter. The Middle pins are are rated 12+ volts. I don't think 5+ is going to hurt them.

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