Just my view but I feel in the Configuration page in Mission Planner for  the PID config selection now in this latest version to get the the PIDs is to many click and all the drop down menus are unnecessary.

When we are  doing the the PID tweaking and then having to switching to up load it and to save it to file etc is switching around from page to page over and over again and is time consuming and especially that I am using an old slow lap top that takes a bit of time to load them..Even so on my fast system it seems there should be a better way to do this.

Why cant there be  load and save buttons on the PID config page instead of having to switch from the Config page to the Parameter list page each time to do this?

When playing around and fine tuning the PIDs its really adding to the task. I am sure most people are mostly using the main Arducopter Config page to do the tuning so why not make this a main item in the side list with one click to access it and also have save and load buttons?

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  • Graham All it really needs is the PID Config page as a one click main page and where you can also load and save from in the same page. As it is now its 6 clicks by the time you go out to load or save and then back again.

    I also just noticed now while seating up my Hex with the 2.8.1fw there is no longer a revers check option for the Pitch radio calibration. Now i have to do this via the TX which is a bit annoying because I use the same channels for two different copters. Using the Mission planner stores this for each copter.  Now each time I fly one I will have to change from one model to the next in the TX controller because one has a reveres Pitch setting and the other doesn't.

    Sometime I think they change things just for the sake of changing it without thinking it through fully of the consequences.

    Now the top menu bar is also auto hide, but what for? Its no advantage really other than to see more map , but who watches the map anyway when you are flying? I cant see anywhere I can turn it off.

    Just keep it simple is all we need

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    I'm agree totally, John. A lot of us use this with a laptop at the field and the extra clicks and navigation are an irritation. I think it was done to fit everything onto a small screen but items that are used more often should have priority and easy access.

    I also find some tabs ignore a first click and need a second to get them to open.

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