Mission Planner 1.3.32 "unknown" flight mode

I am experiencing odd behavior with Mission Planner 1.3.32

In the "Initial Setup" tab under "Mandatory Hardware>Flight Modes", the drop down menus for each of the flight modes are blank, and no modes can be selected.

Also, in the "Flight Data" tab, the HUD has "Unknown" for the flight mode. 

I am running windows 10. If I uninstall MP 1.3.32 and install 1.3.31 the issue goes away and it works as expected. 

This happens whether connected via USB or telemetry radio.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

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  • I've a prob with

    No range or descriptions are shown in complete parameters.


  • Try ctrl+f and click "param gen". Then restart MP. Worked for me for the same issue.
    • Shoot.. Redundant reply, sorry
  • Did you try hitting "Control F" in Mission Planner and select "Param Gen"? I had something similar once and that fixed MP for me. Worth a try maybe.

    • Developer

      what joe said.

      • I didn't see the response in time.  I removed MP and then installed it from the zip and not the msi and things are working now. I think I'll see if I can reproduce the problem to see if the Control F fixes it.

        • I was able to reproduce the situation and Param Gen did fix it.

  • It seems I was able to correct this by allowing Mission Planner to update itself, rather than uninstalling the old version in windows control panel and installing the new version. 

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