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Not sure if I am doing something wrong or if I found an issue/bug, but here is what I am seeing: When planning a mission, I start by creating a polygon then go to Auto WP/ Survey (Grid).  For the altitude, I had previously thought this was in feet (since that is what it shows on the flight data screen), but now realize this is probably in meters.  Anyway, I entered in 100 for the altitude and proceeded to enter in all of my % overlaps, etc.  I then accept and write the WP's to my X8 quadcopter.  When I am actually flying my mission, the flight data screen shows that the vehicle goes up to 100 ft (it is obviously not 100 m high).  So, if the MP uses 100 meters to calculate the flight plan, why does the copter only go to 100 feet while flying its mission?  The biggest problem with this is that the MP used 100 meters (not 100 ft) when it calculated the distance between pictures (CAM_TRIGGER_DIST), distance between lines, etc. This then causes my pictures to not have any overlap at all.  Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug in the MP software?  This is with MP 1.3.2.


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  • Thanks for the responses.  I would +1 the github issue but I am not currently registered.  I will try these two work-around's.

  • I have had a github issue posted on this issue for the past 8 months.

    Post a +1 there to help bring sttention to the issue.
    As a work around, just edit all the altitudes after finishing with the survey tool, or switch your MP over to meters.
    • +1 here too!

      I've resorted to manually adjusting the focal length of the camera to fool it into giving me the correct Field of View for the Altitude I fly based on the FoV calculator that Tetracam supplies with their PixelWrench software. We had observed that the required change was almost exactly the ratio of meters to feet.

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