Mission Planner and APM 2.6

I am building my first quadcopter and everything appears to be connected properly, however, I have an issue I have not been able to resolve. When I connnect to mission planner the artificial horizon reacts correctly if I pitch the quad up or down(elevator axis), however, when I roll the quad(Aileron Axis) left or right, the artificial horizon responds by moving in the opposit direction so if I roll left, the horizon rolls right and vice versa... any help?

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  • That is operating correctly. Think about it.. If you look out at the horizon and tilt you head.If your frame of reference is your head the horizon appears to tilt the opposite direction from your head.

    With the multirotor your frame of reference is "on-board" so you can never detect the multirotor movng only what appears to happen to the horizon.

    • Thanks for the quick replies guys... I really appreciate it. 

  • That's correct.

    Tilt your head with the copter, which way does the horizon move?

    When you tilt the copter down doesn't the horizon go up?

    Same for roll.

    • Ahh Sheesh! I feel like an idiot. Forgot about the perspective. It's all the more bad because I have been flying traditional RC Aircraft for the better part of my adult life. 

      Thanks for the quick reply. 

      Let me pose another question... I have one motor that will not start. The speed controller initializes and gives its beeps but when I arm the copter and give it throttle the motor will jitter and then the speed controller gives one short beep and the motor does nothing more until I lower the throttle. WHen I raise the throttle again, the motor again gives a quick jitter and the speed controller again gives a quick beep and then nothing. This sound like a bad speed controller to you? I plugged the motor into one of the other speed controllers and it works fine. 

      • One of the windings is not firing.

        It usually means a burnt or faulty winding in the motor, but as you have tested it on another esc and the motor works, then it must be the esc.

        The clincher would be to put a known good motor on the suspect esc and see if you get the same jitter.

        Check your wires as well, especially heat shrunk bullets, as you can have a dry joint but the heat shrink holds it together.

        • Thanks, I will check the bullet connectors... didn't think of that. Yeah the motor fires right up on another ESC. Really weird... and suspect ESC gets REALLY hot. 

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