Mission Planner and multiple models.

  Hello,  I would appreciate if anyone can help answer these questions I have.  I have tried to search this and not finding anything so sorry if it is somewhere else as I am new.  I have a Wing and just bought a Y6 copter.  Do I need to download another Mission Planner to my computer for the Copter?  Is the configuration saved onto the autopilot?  So lets say my computer dies and I have to get a new one is all my configurations and tuning gone?  I have a separate autopilot for each model.  Will the same mission planner recognize each model after connection is made?  Or would it be better just to have a separate mission planner to open depending on which model I am flying.  Thanks for any Help! Jarrod

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  • Hi Jarrod

    I am pretty new to this and wont be much help. I am interested in the answer to this question too. I am running a Hex (APM 2.5) and a Y6 ( APM 2.6) using the same Mission Planner. What I know is:

    • The configuration for each aircraft seems to be stored in the APM. When you connect to MP, the config is read from the APM chip
    • When you connect to MP, the communications seems t begin with verifying the sysid and the compid. This appears to be an identifier for the MP and the aircraft. You may find a blog on what the mean and how these are set.
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