Crash description: no network connections displayed in status bar. Cannot enter network connections either from start menu or control panel. After this Explorer stops and doesnt restart. Cannot use Windows. (despite, there's still wifi and Internet).

I did rollback to a previous stable condition. Windows worked fine.

Downloaded and installed fresh MP. Got the same crash. This is definitely because MP or one of two drivers it installs.

Windows XP SP3 latest.

MP 1.2.53


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BTW, what is '3DR driver' installed by MP? What is it supposed for and can it be replaced with another driver?

I would suggest reinstalling windows. as it sounds like an underlying system problem

I cannot do this right now, but fallback to the most early state (fresh install, I think it equals reinstalling) didn't help. I also have no other problems on my X60s laptop, it also handles multichannel professional audio.

I will try more to investigate, of course. But now I need more information about the drivers.

the 3dr driver is for the arduino and px4. there is also a ftdi driver in there as well.

Many thanks Michael! With new version and new interface the bug appear no more. I've checked out again this and previous - it was and now it is not.

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