I updated my MP yesterday and was surprised to see I have a problem with the new version.

When I create a flight plan using Auto WP and the Survey(Grid) mode.


The first time I use it after the update everything works just like it has in the past, I can create a mow the lawn way point set and select advanced and get all the other pages that allow me to select Grid options, camera config and trigger options as in the past. But on my next plan I see that the advanced pages are all whited out and duplicated twice left to right.


Hmmm, so I uninstalled and reinstalled and found that again the first time it works as it should but the second time and subsequent time it fails in the same way!

I have tried restarting the program, and cold booting the PC (running Win 7 64bit, BTW) to no avail.

The plan I created right after install flew perfectly and did the Do Digi Cam shutter trigger flawlessly and completely hands off BTW! Beutiful!

I waited all day for a fixed version to pop up, but maybe I'm the first to find this...

Any Ideas?


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  • Found the short term fix on the other forum!


    "I have the same issue, I think this should be fixed by the developers but in the meantime you can recover the tabs by:

    Uncheck the Advanced Options
    Click on the Accept button
    Enter GridUI again
    Check Advanced Options"

    It works!

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