When attempting to connect it hangs on getting params. It seems to show gettijng different params each time. I can connect with a "cntrl T" (without loading params)


Sometimes it will say it received only 1 heartbeat.


This thing was working earlier but things happen.....


Any ideas.




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more info.


It did just connect and it worked. so I attempted to do a radio calibration. No lines showed up. Everythng was basically gray. No movement. I have the receiver connected with and the inputs are set correctly to the APM. Like I said this worked earlier.


I am at a loss






More info


It now connects but there is no data in mission planner.

The 2 yellow (orange) LEDS flash continually, The green LED is on solid. I can hook up the RX and GPS

and they power on just fine. The GPS even get a lock... inside. But nothing in MP


Is the apm shot? As you can tell I am a noob.




What radios are you using ?
Can you connect using USB without issue?

This was with USB.

Right now It connects but I see not data in mission planner.

If I open a terminal and type "test IMU" it comes back with "Init GYRO" and hangs there.

What really is bad is all this worked earlier I tried flying.  It went into a hover just fine and when I attempted to go a little left it went hard right. Smashed against a fence. I took it apart to check the power conection and the motor connections and everything was ok. But since then I jave gotten no data in MP,

Try doing a setup/erase of the EEPROM or reloading the firmware to get back to a known starting point. There maybe other damage to the board.

Once you have done the above, try running tests for IMU and magnometer etc... Lets us how that works out.

Thanks Bill


ok I did that. "Test ins" comes back with "GPS Init " and hangs there


"test Compass" comes back with "not healthy" several times....


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