Hello software guru's,

in missionplanner 1.2.43  the compass heading shows 360 degrees

and when you rotate a bit further, it shows 0 deg.

is this heading coming out of the APM2.5 code or does this info come from missionplanner?

if it comes out of the APM maybe the heading can get cumulatively worse ?


hexacopter apm2.5 SW version  2.9.1b



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Don't forget that a heading of 360 and 0 are one and the same.

Hi richard, thanks for replying.

ofcourse I know that 360 and 0 are the same, but, 

when you rotate the copter slowly, and look at the screen, and you see the vernier going trough 359, 360, 0, 1, 2 and you see the image on the screen moving, you start to think the softies made a boo boo

(if variable = 361 then variable = 0 )  instead of, (if variable = 360 then variable = 0)  for instance 

Just guessing but you probably get 360 when the heading is at 359.5 and above and you probably get 0 when the heading is between 0 and 0.5 degrees.

I would have to check the code to see what is actually going on.

Hi LLoyd,

That would be nice. It is probably nothing but it's nice to see there is a followup on these things :-)

I cannot speak C+#+ . I am more a BASCOM basic kind of guy.


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