Mission Planner KML overlay

Hi all, 

In Mission Planner (1.3.34) > FlightPlan > right click >Map Tools > KML overly. 

I have a KML which calls a PNG to be overlaid.

Problem is that for some reason the PNG does not show up.

Can anyone tell me the KML sysntax needed for this? 

right now I have <Icon><href>*.png</href></Icon> (yes, the path is correct and in Google Earth works! )

Many thanks in advance!


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  • Hello Michael
    First, thanks for working on MP, it's awesome.
    I imported a kml overlay on MP and since that, It's impossible to create a grid survey over the kml shape, when I click on Survey (Grid), I see the world map! No more georeference.
    The shape draw on google earth are 100% solid stroke and 20% transparent fill, 30m x 30m.
    If I put a polygon point outside the shape, It's ok, I can see all polygon point, but to make the grid right over the fly zone, I move the "external" point and the grid disappear. Impossible to see it again.
    That's weird.
    Any idea?
  • Developer

    Mission planner does not support overlaying a png or jpg.

    • Michael, 

      First of all many-many thanks for Mission Planner! It is the best and most mature GCS software I have seen!

      What overlay format/structure does it support?

      I tried adding as custom map but for some reason I can"t load the tiles. Also it wouldn't be that good as I would not have the surrounding information just the crop field. 

      Does APM Planner or QGC support that?

      • Developer

        MP does not support png/jpgs from a kml file, only polygon overlays.

        if you are looking at custom images you need to use wms. or custom. custom requires you to inject images into the database as google earth tile format. photoscan and global mapper can create this format.

        I cant comment on the other gcs's I'm afraid.

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