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Alex Maltais replied to Tamás L. Páll (Tom)'s discussion Mission Planner KML overlay
"Hello Michael
First, thanks for working on MP, it's awesome.
I imported a kml overlay on MP and since that, It's impossible to create a grid survey over the kml shape, when I click on Survey (Grid), I see the world map! No more georeference.
Jul 13, 2017
Alex Maltais commented on keeyen pang's blog post Camera Trigger and Geo Tag Images - Part 1
"@Daniel:did you find a solution? Also with seagull map, we are using a a5100 on a Solo and inages are really blurry too, probably because of the Solo vibration. Now at 1/1000, f5.6, iso 100-800 or 1/800, f8, iso 100-800. We will try at 1/1600, but…"
Jun 10, 2017
Alex Maltais replied to Eric Compas's discussion First tests with Sony a5100 -- works, but issue with mag interference in 3DR SOLO
"Hello everyone,

Did you find a long term solution for thia issue?
Installing the camera after the gps lock work some time, 30% of the time.

Did you find if, with gps lock, the gps/magneto will create interference or wrong date on flying?

Jun 3, 2017
Alex Maltais commented on moglos's blog post Anatomy of a 425km Flight
I wonder if it will be possible to find a camera that can take snapshots for more than 7 hours. And I can not imagine the duration of post-treatment."
Sep 14, 2016
Alex Maltais commented on Chris Anderson's blog post 3DR Site Scan now comes integrated with amazing Sony R10C
"Rob, I agree with you for agriculture, it is certainly not the first target (even if they mention on the website), but even for the construction industry or the inspection, 20 minutes or less is impossible not to become a battery manager rather than…"
Sep 4, 2016
Alex Maltais commented on Chris Anderson's blog post 3DR Site Scan now comes integrated with amazing Sony R10C
"You should let people try Site Scan Field / Manager first, as Pix4D do (Discovery), with case studies. Pix4D is already very well established in the industry and managed a remarkable work, really.
At that price, why would I change?
And what's the…"
Sep 4, 2016
Alex Maltais posted a discussion
Hello everyone, after hundreds of automated flights (auto mode) on Original Pixhawk - Tower and Mission Planner - I noticed my first problem ... in connection with the wind! (North wind, around 30 km/h, 15 mph, 7 m/s)Situation:The speed survey of…
Aug 22, 2016
Alex Maltais commented on Ivan Stamatovski's blog post Complete mapping solution with Sony QX1 by Easy Aerial - update
"Really nice and the price is interesting for a complete solution. My thought: photogrammetry software can be very impressive with unstabilized images. Perhaps you could win more autonomy by removing the gimbal."
Aug 6, 2016
Alex Maltais replied to Marshall Cant's discussion Autonomous "Vertical" Missions In Mission Planner?
"Any developement? That should be a great add for Tower app. Maybe easier than the circle survey, omho!"
Apr 5, 2016
Alex Maltais replied to HighVoltage's discussion Price of industrial drones
"IMHO, Gryphon does not seem the most industrial platform on the market and the connectors, in the arms, seems a big point of weakness, electronically and structurally. Perhaps a Vulcan UAV with smaller KDE could provide better weight / autonomy? KDE…"
Mar 22, 2016
Alex Maltais commented on CSG's blog post 433MHz Super Long Distance FHSS LoRa Wireless data modem with USB UART 5+ km range
"Hi @CSG,
I notice that you also have a 868 MHz version, I searched on Canadian documentation on radio frequencies - I think it's the same as in the US - and, unless I am wrong, I do not think it is usable without HAM certification. Perhaps a novice…"
Mar 20, 2016
Alex Maltais commented on Chris Anderson's blog post DIY Drones at 76,000 members -- plus 20% "Spirit of 76" 3DR discount to members
"Does the Canadian resellers can also apply the additional discount?"
Mar 9, 2016
Alex Maltais commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Autodesk and 3DR team up to launch SiteScan, automated drone "reality capture"
"Is the release date for the Sony camera and gimbal is known? The GoPro is the obstacle to the purchase of the Solo."
Mar 7, 2016
Alex Maltais commented on Charles Blouin's blog post First affordable USB thrust stand available now!
"Very nice, bravo les gars!"
Feb 22, 2016
Alex Maltais commented on Franz Bormann's blog post NINOX - Innovative fixed-wing camera playform, at an accessible price –
"Hello Franz,
All your products seem very interesting and solidly built, mainly Maja!
For the Ninox; is that the space is designed to accommodate a device the size of a Sony A5100 or more for an action camera? Depending on the weight and size of the…"
Jan 19, 2016
Alex Maltais replied to Tersus GNSS's discussion L1/L2 RTK trial user wanted
"Hi Tersus,
I volunteer for testing your modules, especially for agricultural operations. I currently conducting trials in Canada on various GNSS/ open-src RTK systems and various Canadian environments. I could compare with others. In addition to…"
Dec 26, 2015