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When we announced earlier this year that we were going to be working with Sony to bring out the R10C, which has the best sensor in the industry, we also said we were going to do more than just strap a great camera on a Solo. And we did: we've created a custom gimbal and API interface with the R10C that allows Solo Site Scan to not only automatically control every aspect of the camera in real time during flight, but also automatically transfer full-resolution (20 megapixel) images to the cloud wirelessly in near real-time, via our new iOS app.  It's out now!




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    Rob, I think you couldn't be more on the money and you just described us exactly.

    Also, the eBee was never advertised as an expandable DIY platform.
  • I think the price is ok, if the entire system works flawlessly and with high performance.  Look at the Ebee, it's $20k for a $200 foam aircraft with a $100 camera.  But it just works.  And there's big demand in the market for that.

    I talk to a lot of commercial operators, who do now have the technical skill to DIY or troubleshoot.  Most have tried other systems, trying to avoid the cost of the Ebee.  Then they can't get the results they need, and end up buying an Ebee after all.

    But the system has to be developed to a level that it actually works flawlessly, and not many have done this.

  • Yeah, as for price, the only judgement there is will the market to which it is aimed accept it. If people buy it, and competitors do not undercut it, then there is nothing wrong with the price-point. 

  • I'm more and more inclined to respect both 3DR & DJI for setting price points in a new industry. Start high, because over time others will chip away at the price point until it bottoms out. This style of product pricing allows the product creators to have a vacation or two, which let's face it, we all want to have :)

  • Well Pascal, you have put your finger on the awkward tension between the DIYD community and 3DR these days!!
  • I really do not understand, from a user point of view, the all inclusive package with drone + camera + cloud service access for one year. 12000 USD price is so high and the visibility on my activity so low. 2000 USD for a good acquisition system is ok, but I want to master the post processing side and use the good solution for my activity. We came from a very open and modular DIY-RC world for skilled people approach to an expensive locked solution for non specialists. 

  • Rob, I agree with you for agriculture, it is certainly not the first target (even if they mention on the website), but even for the construction industry or the inspection, 20 minutes or less is impossible not to become a battery manager rather than a UAV operator

    By cons, allow the purchase of the Sony camera for the standard Solo would be a good alternative for video / photo capture, finally able to look at my pictures and find it interesting (I always hated GoPro)

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    It's a great combo package that doesn't make any sense at it's current price point, and provides no "a la carte" flexibility. 

  • Alex, the Solo barely flies 20 minutes with the GoPro, no way it does it with this heavier setup.  Probably 10-15.  I don't think the target market is agricultural however.  This is more like for construction sites and other industrial inspections.

  • You should let people try Site Scan Field / Manager first, as Pix4D do (Discovery), with case studies. Pix4D is already very well established in the industry and managed a remarkable work, really.

    At that price, why would I change?

    And what's the autonomy? 20 min? It does not truly represent the needs of professionals, especially in agriculture - we need at least >45 min. Sequoia integration? VTOL?

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