Hello everyone,
after hundreds of automated flights (auto mode) on Original Pixhawk - Tower and Mission Planner - I noticed my first problem ... in connection with the wind! (North wind, around 30 km/h, 15 mph, 7 m/s)


The speed survey of 200 cm/s (wpnav speed) is unobtainable against the wind. Once the wind on our back, it's ok, we get the 200 cm/s! We did about twenty tests and each time, the head wind slowed us down to maximum 25cm/s.

Please note, we can not go faster than 200 cm/s because of the operation.

Have you ever had this type of problem?

We've tested:
- Largest Wp radius
- "Do change speed" as a waypoint
- Change to 150 cm / s
- And return to 200 cm / s
- Waiting longer for more GPS
- Changing pitch/roll angle (45°, 50°, 55°)

Original 3DR Pixhawk w/GPS (LEA6)
AC 3.3
Futaba T14
16000 mah lipo

HDOP 1.1

11 sat

Big thanks


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