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3689683802?profile=originalFor Americans, the number 76 has special significance, since the US Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 and every hundred years we go crazy with a "Spirit of 76" celebration.  For the British, who were on the other side of that historic division, the date is less celebrated. As a dual US/UK citizen I'm a little conflicted about the history, but not when it comes to the number 76. It's a good one -- celebrate!

So I'm delighted to announce that DIY Drones has now hit 76,0000 members.  After slowing down a bit last year, traffic is now rising again, and is nearly at 50,000 page views per day. Thanks to all the members whose daily posts and forum discussion makes this site so vibrant. 

To celebrate, 3DR has created a special thank-you 20% discount for the DIY Drones community. Enter "DIYD20OFF" at checkout to apply the discount.  (It applies to everything except GoPro cameras and the new Enterprise SiteScan products.) One time use per user, and it expires on March 31st, so get in there now!

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  • An update. 3DR chat and support was great. The issue was on my end of the transaction. Everything sorted out, discount applied and the Solo is on its way. Most excellent. Thanks Jared G. 

  • Just an update. I had my order all sorted in the end via emails to some support peoples. ;) I was able to get through to the right people and the service was very fast. I'm happy now. :) I just wish there were phone numbers available that actually connected to a sales team, or similar.

  • That is very strange, Scott.
    I ordered mine on the 31st also and sent a ticket to 3DR today asking when it will be shipped. They said it should ship on Monday.
    Good luck mate. I hope you get it. It's an awesome piece of kit.
  • Am waiting to connect with 3DR chat on Monday, but thought I'd ask. I ordered Solo on March 31 and on April 1 (today) it was cancelled. I received confirmation number on March 31 and CCard transaction is still pending. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for reading a newbie post. Hopefully never another whine.


  • @Justin L. Mate, I litterally just pushed click on an order... sorry... I found a different way to do it. the combo of the gimbal doesn't work for AU. But, if I did the products separately, and apply the discount, it gives me flat rate of $100 shipping.

  • @Steve. gooutdoorsaustralia.com.au also sells them. We accepted the diyd20off code but it expired at midnight last night. Ill extend the coupon offer to expire at midnight tonight if your interested.
  • @Phillip, Sorry, I deleted the comments before. Though your statement was true for me. But this is what I get: http://postimg.org/image/iyifiqcbt/

    I can not order the solo and gimbal combo with the applied special code. It's a real shame.

  • Developer
    Not correct Steve... You can order directly from the store now.
  • THanks Chris. Ordered! Now the hard part. Waiting for the mail :)
  • Coupon works now!

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