The Ninox is a compact aircraft capable of carrying action cameras (GoPro Hero, GoPro Session) and small mirrorless cameras (Canon PowerShot, IXUS, Sony WX,...).
It is equipped with a Pixhawk autopilot for fully automated flight, from takeoff to landing. Control and in-flight monitoring are available via radio telemetry link.
Endurance of 30 minutes is available with a small battery.
The durable airframe made of durable EPP material. The hinged wings (100cm, 36 inches) can be easily folded for transport in the included aluminum case. Setup takes less than 3 minutes.
Complete systems available from € 1,680 (excl. VAT). 
- Made in Germany -
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  • Nice! I will have to get me one of those!

    I like the folding wing design. What is the maximum camera payload? Will it carry 200g of camera and still maintain it's COG? Also what is the battery used for the 30min flight time at what speed?

    Regards JB

  • Hello Franz,

    All your products seem very interesting and solidly built, mainly Maja!

    For the Ninox; is that the space is designed to accommodate a device the size of a Sony A5100 or more for an action camera? Depending on the weight and size of the battery, camera and other electronic accessories, the center of gravity will move. Is there enough space to balance the unit, at the front or the back? Can we increase the capacity of the battery?


  • Developer

    very nice how it folds up like that.

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