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I would like to know how can I change the language in the mission planning!

I am using Win XP in Spanish, but I want the Mission Planner in english.

Thanks for your help!

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  • Michael Oborne said:

    change it to english
    config > planner > language

    I don't understand this, where is config > planner > language?

    My version of Mission Planner has suddenly changed from English into Chinese so I can't understand a single thing about it.

    How do I change it back to English please in very simple terms?

  • Developer

    can someone post there current missionplanner.log file?

  • I am having the same problem on two different PC's (both Windows 7) Would be great to fix this.

    Thanx Robert

  • Developer

    change it to english
    config > planner > language

    • Hi there Michael - I tried to change the language to Spanish using this method but it's still in English even after restarting Mission Planner. Does MP exist in Spanish? Thanks!

      • I'm having the same issue. My mission planner always resets to german. Does it always start up in system language? On all my pcs this is the same. This must be a bug or something. UAC is disabled on all my systems (windows 8.1)

      • But you said you want it in English....

        • Hi Tommy - no this is a different person now asking a similar question...I have MP in English, need it in Spanish...do you know how to do it? Thanks!

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