Yelverton, Devon

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63 years old, Married, 3 kids. I build & fly R/C aeroplanes, ride motorcycles and play dobro.

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Building my first quad after flying a small, cheap RTF quad


Tavistock, Devon

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Steve Robson replied to Mauro Rodriguez's discussion Mission Planner Language
"Michael Oborne said:
change it to englishconfig > planner > language

I don't understand this, where is config > planner > language?
My version of Mission Planner has suddenly changed from English into Chinese so I can't understand a single thing…"
Nov 17, 2016
Steve Robson replied to Sylvain's discussion Language in APM planner
"That's odd. The language option is located in Configuration - Planner - UI Language, and you can choose from English, Chinese, Russian and French.

What does this mean? I see none of these options in Mission Planner.
Where is configuration?
Nov 17, 2016
Steve Robson replied to Dwgsparky's discussion mission planner language problem
"Hi, a couple of weeks ago I downloaded Mission Planner to my laptop and used it to set up the 450 quad I'm building. Last night I opened it up again, to make some changes to the quad, and all the writing in Mission Planner was in Chinese with the…"
Nov 17, 2016
Steve Robson posted a discussion
A couple of weeks ago I downloaded Mission Planner to my laptop and set the quad I'm building.Today I opened up Mission Planner to change some settings and guess what? Mission Planner is all in Chinese, Japanese or some similar language!Does anyone…
Nov 15, 2016