Mission planner multiplatform support.. is a goal or not ?

from 1.2.12 and till todays 1.2.15 - mission planner does not work well with MONO.

where are we heading ? Windows is not a viable platform this century.

Are there plans to get back to API's that work with mono, or, even better to compile a multi-platform version ?

An Android build would also be more than sufficient.

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  • concerning .net/mono hassles: It's not the question how much percent of 'computers' run Windows, but how much Ardupilot-owners run Linux (or OSx). I can imagine, that this is a different number as these are likely more techies than others. But thats in fact not the point.

    The point is: Why use a non-portable language if there is a portable alternative, which is even for free? Java!

    I never understood why proprietary tools are used though there are very capable and platform-independent tools out there. For me, such decisions appear be a matter of convenience, not of professionalism.

    Just my 2 ct.

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    If you'd like to try an early android based ground controller, we are looking for testers: http://www.diydrones.com/forum/topics/andropilot-alpha-tester-discu...

  • can i install mission planer on my windows 7 tablet???

  • can i install mission planer in windows tablet?????

  • Windows is not a viable platform this century.

    Windows is running on 92% of the computers in use today.  Windows 7 just very recently (Aug. 2012) overtook Windows XP (released in 2001).  

    Considering that the new windows just recently overtook it's 11 year old predecessor... I'd say that barring a really strange act from God, Windows is going to be the vastly dominant operating system for AT LEAST the next 40 years.  I really haven't analyzed any further than that since I'll be an old man by then.

    I'm not really sure what you think the devs should be doing... Supporting Mac at 7%, or Linux at 1% share?

    Squeezing the thing down to smartphone size would be kinda silly.  Certainly that effort is worthwhile, but deserves it's own version and code base.

    If you're one of the unlucky few that bought an Apple computer without realizing it was an extremely minority platform, I feel sorry for you.  Luckily Apple ditched it's silly OS awhile back and stole a Linux variant to run their computers.  You can try the emulator route or figure out one of the linux options.

    If you're using a Mac you had to realize that the vast majority of software would be unavailable to you without using an emulator.

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