Mission Planner Parameter Colors

Does anyone know where I can find out what the colors for the parameter settings indicate. Right now our quad will not arm with the radio only. I can arm it from mission planner and when I do the motors spin at a slow speed. In the Advanced Parameters list several parms have colors in the input box's for example Thrust Curve Max Thrust Percentage is 93 and highlighted in orange and Throttle failsafe is also Orange. If I adjust the slider for Max Thrust Percentage to a value lower than 93 the color changes to green.I think this indicates an issue with our radio calibration but would like to know what the colors indicate.

Most of the other parameters input box's are the default color which appears to be grey. Two other parms have orange box's but they deal with ACRO and we don't fly in ACRO.

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  • I am also having same problem. How to solve it?

  • That's what I thought just could not find it documented anywhere. We re-calibrated our radio and that solved our problem now all the parms are the grey color.

  • Developer

    orange means they are outside the normal values. ie to high or to low.

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